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So much imitation embedded in action,
So much expectation precedes us.
Let us be trees, and sailors of sees,
Let it not be just one image that leads us.


And you said you felt a change was coming near
I said “nothing ever changes here.”
and so we watched for shooting stars
we caught some in the shining shower
In the morning I will never be the same

There are trees that grow up higher than, some
I start to believe you’re one of them, one
who wonders where I am tonight
who lingers longer in my sight
who gives me one more reason to be happy
(to go home)

But you never used to worry like you do;
at least before it was for things that could possibly be true.
hey, this was never meant to be a
bargain for your sympathy, it’s
just that world sits heavy on your shoulders
now you’re terrified of telephones
as we grow older never slower, yeah

Today we explored the halls of heroes past;
all we found inside were autographs
and so I picked up one or two
but I still can’t tell what they do:
I think I will return them in the morning


from NIGHTLIGHTS I​-​III + TACOMA CENTER 1600, released February 22, 2014




Nana Grizol Athens, Georgia


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